If I had a voice

I’d tell the world

about You

I’d tell them

you opened up my heart

like a scarred-over wound

that never really healed

like an emerging flower

poking its way into the ether


If I had a voice

I’d tell them the truth

about Your spirit

that You’re the essence of me

in a mirror brightly lit

that if I pried me open

everyone would be blinded

by Your inner Light


If I had a voice

I’d speak of the lonely

that swallowed me whole

of how my naked toes turned inward

my head dropped forward

and my eyes shut tight

against the brutiful reality

of life down here


of how my wings were clipped

of how the chameleon

could transform her colour

at the drop of a “hello”

or a scrap of “you matter”

because you see


I had no voice.


If I had a voice

I’d climb to the highest rooftop

place my fingers on the keys

and SING the words

that flowed from me

like water

effortlessly, like the

words of an unstifled poet


If I had a voice

I’d release the butterflies

all at once

an explosion of flutters

in reds, greens and blues

and make you


to the beating of their wings

Oh if only


I had


a voice…


Image by Gregory Sigrist from Pixabay



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