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Today’s “wine culture,” especially when it comes to parenting, is a pervasive and dangerous way of thinking. In fact, 10% of kids are growing up in a family where at least one parent has an alcohol use disorder, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

But Dax Shepard, former Parenthood star, and Kristen Bell, star of both Frozen and The Good Place, are pushing back against that narrative. Shepard struggled with addiction for 11 years and now abstains from alcohol.

Shepard enjoys the feel-good early mornings that come with not drinking and says, “At 6:45 when we’re all up, I’m like, Oh I’m crushing right now. I feel great.” He’s been in recovery for 15 years.

Bell resists the “I need wine to cope with my kids” idea by not drinking every night, and she says, “[M]y wine is Netflix and cuddling with my husband or our date night.”

However, she admits, “The wine meme is a very funny thing … I take it as a generalized ‘Kids are stressful.'”

Read more at the Huffington Post.

Photo by Dimitri de Vries on Unsplash


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