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By Mila Koljensic

In a world where the insidious grip of toxic relationships threatens to suffocate our potential, there shines a beacon of hope – TAR Anon™. This international fellowship, a premier program of TAR Network™, offers solace, support, and a structured path to recovery for those who have suffered from Toxic Abusive Relationships (TAR). If you’ve ever felt the crushing weight of manipulation, abuse, and trauma, TAR Anon invites you to step into the light of healing and transformation.

The Power of Recovery

TAR Anon is not just another support group; it’s a lifeline for individuals seeking to reclaim their lives from the clutches of toxicity. Through the time-tested framework of the 12 Steps and the guidance of experienced TAR Mentors™, members embark on a journey of self-reflection, acceptance, and growth. By examining patterns, recognizing harmful behaviors, and embracing the promise of recovery, TAR Anon empowers individuals to break free from the chains of abusive relationships.

Why TAR Anon is Essential

We are at war, and we’re losing. An invisible pandemic exists – an insidious health-care crisis that has killed – and continues to kill — millions of people around the world for centuries. We cannot see it. It’s deadlier than death itself. It doesn’t die with the deceased. It lingers on. It’s transgenerational – passed on to our children. Our children, unconsciously, pass it down further to their children,  and so the disease spreads. It is a cunning force of nature that destroys lives, children’s futures, people’s families, countries, and dreams and hopes. 

This under-the-radar pandemic targets parents, siblings, immigrants, children, workplaces, caregivers, religious settings, countries, and races. It’s everywhere – inside the heads of our leaders, school system, healthcare, corporations, Hollywood, Wall Street, and people around us. It’s inside our loved ones. We are very close to losing our freedom and our authentic selves — being stripped of the basic right to choose and decide the course of our own lives. Each one of us is an individual human being, meant to be seen and respected as distinct and unique. 

There are no bad children, only bad parents. Full stop. Through education and support we can develop the skills to examine and functionally analyze our own hell in the light of trauma, chaos, wars, racism, and everything surrounding us. 

To become the change we want to see, we need to heal our own and our children’s lives generationally, not relying on anyone else to do it for us. We must learn to parent ourselves to stop the dissemination of trauma and abuse.  

Who Can TAR Anon Help?

TAR Anon welcomes everyone who has been touched by the devastation of toxic relationships. Whether you’re a survivor seeking support, an advocate for change, or someone curious to learn more, TAR Anon is a safe space where boundaries are respected, and inner peace is cultivated. From individuals to families, from workplaces to communities, TAR Anon stands as a beacon of hope for all who seek refuge from the darkness of abuse.

A Call to Action

The battle against toxic relationships is not one fought in isolation. It’s a collective struggle that demands solidarity and action. TAR Anon urges you to join the movement toward healing and liberation. Together, we can dismantle the pervasive cycle of abuse and build a future where healthy, fulfilling relationships flourish.

Conclusion: Join TAR Anon Today!

In the face of adversity, TAR Anon stands as a beacon of hope, offering a lifeline to those trapped in the darkness of toxic relationships. Collective healing, support, and advocacy, TAR Anon empowers individuals to reclaim their lives, break free from the cycle of abuse, and build a brighter future. As we prepare to launch this May, TAR Anon invites you to join our free support group, running weekly and led by the esteemed Dr. Jamie. TAR Anon provides a safe space for healing and growth through shared experiences, practical tools, and unwavering support. Join us in this transformative journey toward healing and liberation. Together we can overcome attachment disorders and create a world where love, respect, and compassion reign supreme. For more information and to join TAR Anon, contact us at TAR Network. Join us in breaking free from toxicity and embracing a future filled with hope and empowerment.

May is Mental Health & Trauma Awareness Month

In recognition of Mental Health & Trauma Awareness Month, TAR Network™ is proud to announce the launch of TAR Anon worldwide! Together with CPTSD Foundation and WeHealUS, we are creating an international fellowship aimed at aiding recovery from Toxic Abusive Relationships (TAR), utilizing TAR Network’s 12-step recovery model.

Trauma from TAR has devastating effects on victim’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Sadly, countless people around the world are silently trying to heal the scars left by such experiences. Millions of people suffer from the long-term effects of trauma, feeling isolated and misunderstood. Please contact us at TAR Network to begin your healing journey or learn about other ways to get involved.



TAR Network™ is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to bringing worldwide awareness and treatment to those whose emotional reality has been distorted by narcissistic abuse. The mission of TAR Network is to support men, women, the LGBTQ+ community, tweens & teens, families, parents who are alienated from their children, workers, and caregivers going through or emerging from TAR. With subject matter experts, affiliates, organizations with supportive resources, and our individual donor community our programs will help you out of the fog and into the light. TAR Network is currently developing several innovative projects: TAR Tales – a safe place to share your truth TAR Centers – a safe place to get vital CPTSD treatment TAR Anon – a safe and nonjudgmental worldwide support network. There is strength in numbers. We’ve all suffered from trauma and abuse at the hands of someone close. Please join us in this worldwide effort toward recovery.

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