I often wonder how self examination of my behaviors and patterns offered me any real directions in my life. I loved writing in a journal, reflecting and contemplating the mystery of this universe. When I was around the age of 6, I discovered behaviors that helped me get my own way. I pushed with all my might to get away with what I could. These learned behaviors developed and taken into juvenile years and through my 20’s, led to self deception….and I was the last to know.

I searched out only what I wanted and the rest didn’t pertain to me. No real truth came my way long enough to stay awake. I went back to sleep. Staying unconscious kept the ball of confusion going. I was stuck in my rebellious nature. I lived without a care of consequence until I got caught red-handed….real fear!

Self-empowerment is within, not out there!  Learning in recovery that I am as sick as my secrets was a rude awakening. When it comes to our relationship with food, it is the same deal. We get lost in our habits. At some point, it is necessary to take action from our quiet reflection and real examination of how we treat our body.

Culture, negative nurturing and comfort foods, along with not making our eating schedule a priority, is a common pattern for most of us. You are not unique! We need to eat to live. A new attitude of respecting food and our body, changes everything.  Attention to details, and using our meditation and quiet time will help us connected to our truth. Going with the flow and remaining open to this moment, is an empowering way to live.

Deliberate meditations for better choices

An open mind and deliberate meditation at the start of the day, a sticky note for a reminder to stay focused and a plan in place for the meals, snacks and beverages of the day takes all the guess work out. Spot, admit and become witness to your choices. Stop, think it through and stretch your mind to come up with new ideas that you will enjoy. With a little effort you will be amazed at what comes to you. When thinking in terms of synchronicity~ Mind, Body and Spirit,  paying attention to the details of what you put in your mouth every day, offers the same amazing restoration physically.

What we don’t Nurture will fade away

As a health coach, in recovery for nearly half my life, I want you to know that the very best of healing is yours if you want it. The same old ideas will keep us sick. We must let go absolutely  and trust the process.of these changes, as we did in the early stages of breaking from addictive habits, hangups and behaviors. Remember  “What we don’t nurture will fade away.”

What you don’t know can hurt you

We do need to read between the lines on our food labels. Remember that the label is an advertisement and the manufacturer can hide the truth from the consumer. Don’t trust the bold letter words alone. Read the labels on the back and the ingredients. The first three items listed in the ingredients makes up the bulk of the product.

For example: High Fructose corn syrup has been banned from Europe due to many health negatives like Obesity, diabetes, and other disorders and diseases. It also has been discovered that it carries dangerous amounts of mercury. Many foods that we use everyday still use them in their ingredients, like bread,cereals, cakes, beverages and even ketchup.

Our beverages have an abundance of sugars that overload our systems in just one drink. Coca Cola recently had a lawsuit for the misrepresentation of the product they market, Vitamin Water. They are court ordered to change the message they claim to be truth. Many items on the market, hide things from the human eye. Also it is important to note; the word Natural can be on the label if there is only 1 natural item in the product.

Using a diet choice or sugar free is not the healthy answer. They are negative and toxic. They are often hidden substitutes used in our marketplace and approved by the FDA which is sad, but true. The guidelines are being adjusted but not as quickly as needed. This is absolutely NOT the answer. They are linked to horrible health issues, like MS, increased risk of Alzheimer’s and much more.

Choose brown sugar or stevia options in smaller amounts. You will acquire the taste and be safer.

Do your own homework for the Truth. Trusted sources are, Peer Reviewed Journals like, Journal of the American Medical Association(JAMA), The American Dietetic Association(ADA) as well as Landmark studies from the professionals. Working with a trusted Health Coach and Holistic Doctor offering you a comprehensive analysis and tailored to you personally is a wise decision.

A Review Of What We Should Be Doing – Honestly

  • Good Fats are also essential to the function of overall health, so make it a mission to add Omega 3 Good fats to your daily intake. Your body and mental health is starving for them. Look for fortified foods. Like breads, and some cereals. Chia and flax seeds are high in these fats and a plant based option. Limit fish to deep cold water and Wild. Not farm raised. This reduces high levels of mercury that becomes toxic over time. There are tests available to check your own levels of heavy metals. Also, Olives and some oils and nuts are rich in Omega 3. and my favorite choice in veggies is the avocado.
  • Fruits and Lots of veggies, especially greens. Organic is best. (Remember, farmers use pesticide sprays that we don’t see. What we don’t see will hurt us).
  • Limit or remove dairy ~Cows milk is difficult for many people to digest. It puts a big strain on the digestion system to work hard. Humans don’t have the enzymes to digest them. If you choose to eat them anyway, it may help to choose organic and low fat options. Some people take an enzyme 30 mints before they eat for better digestion support.
  • Coconut based products like milk and Yogurt are very high in Calcium and good substitutes. Many people like them better.  Some people do well with goats milk and cheese. Soy products are products to be cautious with. Doctors today suggest that people with thyroid issues should stay away from this option. Almonds are easy marks for a bacteria while growing and we can have concerns around them. All nuts are cleaned and passed on to the consumers in general the same way, but other nuts are not vulnerable to this bacteria that almonds are. Do your own research to find the latest updates on these concerns.
  • Processed foods, dyes binders and fillers – just say no if at all possible.
  • Keep in mind that the whole food at the start is depleted when processing.  Chemicals added to preserve the life of a product for less waste is at our health expense. It is an eye opening experience when we see what is really used and we choose them daily.
  • Drinking Water

Buy your own water Purification Carafe or whole house system even better. We now know that most plastic and metal containers have a chemical BPA and leaches into our food supply. Studies show significant health risks from these chemicals and are being removed.  Dehydration is more common than you think. Just H2O alone is huge in the daily operations of your body and, believe it or not, moods and feelings of anxiety, fatigue, and physical pain can increase without adequate amounts of water. See my website for details on options.

  • Take a Whole Food Natural Multi VItamin and Mineral Supplement to insure your underlying needs are met. Alone it is never enough but is important as we can’t eat enough food to meet the body’s needs daily.
  • Make a Protein Shake part of your day or at least a few times a week. The essential amino acids that our body won’t make for us can get lost in cooking. This will ensure that your are getting your complete proteins. It is quick easy and delicious and many options are available today.

As Recovery taught us many new ideas, giving us a life we couldn’t have imagined possible,  remaining open to food changes is the beginning of a new Life to complete healing and good health. Keep in mind that each day is a new day and we are never in the same place. Staying in tune helps us to be aware of our needs, today!

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Disclaimer:  The information above is meant to be suggestive only. It is suggested to speak with your doctor before making any changes to your diet



  1. Pat Dallinga Reply

    Great article! Covers every aspect of eating a well balanced, nutritious diet as well as bringing awareness to daily routines and habits that we may not even be aware of.

  2. Kathleen Russell Reply

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment. Feel free to take advantage of the Complimentary Health Print Assessment at my website. 🙂

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