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The process of Recovery is all about learning to listen to our truth.  When we tap into this place within, we practice listening to our voice more and become aware that we’ve had it all along. Getting down to causes and conditions allows us to tap into being quiet and as we continue to do so, it’s a transformation to enlightenment. Listening with new insight, from the heart center instead of the brain center, we find an amazing companion.  Learning ways to be still teaches us to become more open and we have a new best friend.

Learn to hear the wisdom of your body through the heart’s intuition, tapping into your own awareness of, “HALT”, { Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.}  With mindful intention to these feelings, often a glass of water, a good meal and a conversation with a trusted friend, puts everything into perspective. Feeding the health of mind and body, and releasing our emotions in a positive way.

In dealing with our health and learning to treat our body with love and respect we need to remain open to the signals our body gives us. Rather than blaming whatever signs come up on something it MAY be, and blowing it off, we can heed warning. Some experts that analyze dreams, say that, often our subconscious mind tries to warn us of a physical underlying issue through our dreams. If something is going on internally it can be our higher wisdom trying to get our attention.

Most people don’t seek to live a healthy lifestyle that combines the food choices needed willingly and consistently, until they feel a strong desire to overcome some of the habits that inhibit their lifestyles. Clearly, the Art of Listening becomes necessary to healing from within. Combining physical activity, and spiritual practices help us to remain mindful to make better food choices.

Listening to our body’s wisdom

Becoming conscious of our daily choices, staying honest with ourselves and staying awake is our challenge. It offers us an opportunity to live free and find ultimate happiness. Telling ourselves that we lack discipline is an excuse to stay stuck and sick. Rather, ask yourself and write it down, how can I help myself to achieve some movement toward my healthy goals?

  • Negative effects of food: Notice after a meal how you feel 20 to 30 minutes later. Do you feel tired? Do you have a headache ? Do you experience acid reflux? Are you feeling more body aches? Are you getting  bloated ? Do you have more mental fog or anxiety, making it difficult to be attentive to a task at hand? Do you feel moody, agitated or want to go to bed? Typical foods that commonly cause issues are dairy, wheat,and simple carbs.
  • Negative effects of Stress: When our physical state is under stress for various reasons, It can cause many of the symptoms we experience. Keep in mind that stress depletes us in all ways. The need to replenish is higher than the average person’s lifestyle. Sorting out our emotions, attending to a form of quiet time, and feeding our body wholesome foods is on demand. The B vitamins from lean meats, legumes,and powdered protein sources, as well as an abundance of veggies and fruits are needed throughout the day.
  • Taking a whole food supplement, Balanced and Bioavailable, is important for health insurance. Vitamins and Minerals that make up for what you can not get in food alone.

     Tailor made programs are available with a Nutritional Assessment (See my website)

  • Finding practices that help us listen and stay awake. Ritual meditation practices are a great way to start, if you like them. Some of us feel better sitting with nature, going to a sanctuary or monastery.  Some like a weekend retreat. Others seek alternative therapies. What can you do to hear your voice? Clarity comes as the journey unfolds with greater knowledge and understanding. Try different things to find a good fit, practice and stay the course.  
  • Positive effects of food:  Do you feel stronger and have more energy? Do you feel mental clarity and focused? Do you feel the anxiety levels decrease? Do you have a desire to get moving on something that needs attention? Do you feel your body accepting and loving the nutrients you are feeding it?  Is your mood better and lighter?  Do you notice that your not getting sick as often? Less trips to the doctors office? Do you have desires to partake in physical activities?

Learning signals by removal.

So just how can we know what is really going on?  Simply by eliminating a food choice that you think has a negative affect.  Remove this food for two weeks and then introduce it slowly over the course of a week. It is a similar process to when we are babies and foods are introduced to us slowly, to see if we tolerate them well.  Removing one thing at a time, sometimes helps us to determine some of the signals our body is telling us. It is important to chart your process. Many of us think we will remember, but more often than not, the clarity is lost and the inspiration to continue is gone.

WIth the holidays approaching for many of us, we will be surrounded by all the incredible delicacies and specially baked foods. Many of them are family traditions and we look forward to sharing them. This is the part of indulgence that can be shared in a spiritual light. Rather than gorging everything, come from a perspective of appreciation, love and connection. Shifting our thinking, can help us to stay in tune with our experience and be a few pounds lighter in January.

Weight loss programs are loaded up at the turn of a year with “New Year’s Resolutions”. Then in February they die down again, as the motivation quickly leaves many of us. What is left is the cycle of depression and disappointments once again. So, what if you change your attitude going into them? It is amazing when we can become a witness to our own choices and learn to listen to the deeper voice. It can be much more interesting and fun to have a better relationship with food and our mind, body and spirits, really can be united.

Be enlightened and encouraged by the quiet voice within, as it is our temple, our sanctuary of light  love and natural healing.  Keep it simple, have fun and enjoy the life of the physical, mental and spiritual world. Find ways to help yourself achieve even the simplest of goals. Create new and healthy habits to get you on your way. If you would like to take advantage of any of my services please go to my website and we can get you started on New and Open Roads to Healing.

In Light and Love ~ Healthy Happy New Year!

Kathleen Russell, CNC, HC


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