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Precious, Precocious, Lyric

Running, rushing, reaching up, giggling & smiling like- an angel

Pushing her love in, touching every nook & cranny of my heart

 Eyes lighting up like- fireflies sweeping through dark night

Clinging, holding on, wrapping chubby arms around my legs

 Refusing, daring even mommy- to separate us/pull us apart


Two years ago, a tiny infant- soft, soft, skin/ baby face pressing against

My breast- baby oil & baby powder, intermingling like dancers

Drooping eye lids, tiny head falling, jerking up, falling again

Dismissing sleep without her music-video music/ only Bruno Mars

Playing piano & singing her favorite song “When I Was Your Man.”


Lyric- sitting like a princess, surrounded by balloons-crown on her

Head -eyes roaming /birthday cake, party favors, lots of kids with presents

 Eyes sparkling, smiling wider than ever. Singing, “Happy Birthday to me.”

Blowing out candles with unwanted help, opening presents, playing games

Giggling, watching, examining, counting people around the table


There’s a message on my answering machine I can’t erase:  Lyric giggles, 

“Hi Grandma!”  making lengthy conversation only I can understand, enveloped in laughter& intonations.  Wise beyond her age,  transporting love into every corner of  my Heart forever…   

By Cassandra Smith



  1. Squirrleyh Reply

    Boy, is that ever true. I just got done visiting 6 of my 9 grandkids this past weekend, for the graduation of my 5th oldest grandson, none of which has ever seen me drunk or high, hallelujah!!!!!!

  2. Jody Sullivan Reply

    When my 1st granddaughter was born to me at the age of 39 I SWORE she would NEVER see me drunk, tweaking or chasing the dragon. She turned 3 on New Years eve of ’16 and the promise to her and to myself has rang true! Now I have granddaughter #2 who’s 1 WEEK old today she also gets the same vow. They are my “LEGACY” these 2 beautiful, blue eyed, strawberry/red of hair, rose porcelain of skin Irish lasses that mean my name will live long after I am gone. SLAINTE’ My beauties you are your Gigi’s WORLD!

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