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Today, we’ll be tackling how to to plan a sober event. Whether they’re weddings, cookouts or casual get-togethers, parties and events seem to go hand-in-hand with drinking. Add in the impending holiday season, which can be full of boozy parties and dinners, and alcohol can seem to be inevitable! But it doesn’t need to be. These helpful guides show us how to navigate the tricky world of event planning, relationships and sobriety.

1. How To Plan A Sober Wedding, According To The Experts

“Planning to have a sober event that’s historically alcohol-heavy may present some difficulties, from navigating social pressures to dealing with the expectations of caterers and guests alike. So if you’re planning a dry wedding, you need to make preparations not only for an excellent event, but also to forestall any concerns that it won’t be as fun, elegant, or romantic as a wedding with free-flowing champagne.”

2. 7 Tips To Hosting A Sober Party When You’re In Recovery

“Attending a party while you’re in addiction recovery can be a challenge, let alone hosting your own party. The great thing about throwing a party is that you have more control over the presence of alcohol and other substances, but you may worry about whether your guests will still have a good time. These tips will help you overcome your fears and throw an unforgettable party without jeopardizing your recovery.”

3. How To Throw A High-Vibe, Booze-Free Holiday Party

“I tapped some of the experts in sober socializing to give tips on what to serve, how to decorate, which activities to offer, and pretty much everything else you need to know to create a party that your friends will be talking about long after the ball drops. Keep reading to find out how to throw a high-vibe holiday party in style.”

4. Food and Fun: How to Host a Sober Thanksgiving Celebration

“If you prefer to make sure that whatever you do on Thanksgiving is completely free from exposure to alcohol or any other substance, you have the option of hosting your own Thanksgiving event. Invite the people you want and serve – and don’t serve – whatever you like. By doing so, you can create a new Thanksgiving that will help shape your recovery.”

Ready to break out the invites and start planning an exciting event? We know we are! And if you’re looking for a great, sober community to join, check out In The Rooms!

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