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Spiritual renewal does not provide us with the answer; it helps us find the way.

The past several years of recovery have resulted in an evolution of spirituality in my life. It has also been a desire to share with other men this experience and hear from them how a spiritual awakening has shaped them in their recovery.

It is with this in mind that I approached Kenny and RT about chairing a weekly meeting for men only, Spiritual Gangsters. The term is defined anonymously;

Someone who lives life to the fullest. Spiritual gangsters are so magical, they have the ability to manifest anything they want instantly just by their ability to release resistance and allow pure positive energy to flow through them. The universe always has their back!! They are enlightened deliberate creators of spiritual evolution and the expansion of consciousness. They focus on the positive and always reach for a better feeling and a higher vibration. They always seek the greatest good possible for themselves and others…. They are HARDCORE lovers. They love the entire world very deeply and passionately. But make no mistakes; they are fierce warriors who will handle any situation like a badass!!! You don’t want to fuck with them, I promise.

Recovery on a spiritual plane requires, for me a dedication to allowing the flow of positive energy through me and to keep all negative energy as far from me as possible. This is not a perfect task but seeking it has brought me more peace of mind and serenity.

The illness of addiction is a gradual deteriorative affliction that devastates entire families and will continue to do so unless the suffering member takes action to live a life of abstinence, physically and mentally. It affects the person who is addicted, that person’s family and everyone who interacts with that person. We must accept help from others and men understand the trauma and other difficulties they are enduring better for other men.

My desire is to bring as many men together as possible to share their journey and how they have found a spiritual solution.

It is my belief that the retelling of our experiences, what we have leaned from them and how we have changed our lives in recovery is key to helping others. What I want to do in these meetings is to share; how we evolved as spiritual beings, what we used to be like, what happened, and what we are like now.

As Allen Reid McGinnis said, “I can tell you things that I have come to believe with every fiber of my being, and you can dis­agree with every syllable I utter, and yet both of us can be sober…both of us can be useful, productive mem­bers, not only of a fellowship, but of society. So, if anything I say bothers you, just dismiss it. If any­thing I say you disagree with, you’re entitled to disagree. Nobody speaks officially for recovery.


Please join us on Wednesday nights at 9pm for The Spiritual Gangsters Men’s Meeting. We need each other to stay in recovery.


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