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Holistic Health has always been a priority for me in my own recovery from addiction. I have long ago discovered that I can’t heal my body without also addressing the mental and emotional aspects of illness. I have been chasing good health since the age of four when my health deteriorated rapidly with a rare blood disorder and later developed type 1 diabetes at age seven. Now at the age of forty-eight, I can safely say that I have tried every herb, lotion, and potion known to man and explored every healing modality available. Lots of things have worked great for me, however none so like medicinal mushrooms. So much so that I thought it important to write about the claims made about medicinal mushrooms and the results of incorporating medicinal mushrooms for my health.

Why I decided to try medicinal mushrooms

I had hit new physical, mental, and emotional lows in my life in my mid-forties. Debilitating lows. I had to succumb to major surgery and I was on my knees, literally and figuratively. As always, I took responsibility for my own healing, researched healing herbs, and sought more therapy yet didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Then I found medicinal mushrooms and studied their healing attributes. Anxiety and depression had me nailed and physically I can’t ever remember being so low. I couldn’t sleep and was barely eating. I had nothing to lose so began incorporating them into my regime about three months ago. These are the mushrooms I use and my own personal results.

Lions Mane

This mushroom is most well-known for supporting brain health. Its history of use for cognitive support is long and was used for centuries to enhance brain power and heighten focus in Asian countries.

The claims that Lion’s Mane appears to offer support for some of the most common mood disorders and neurological diseases sparked my interest. It is supportive and restorative for the nervous system and has a natural calming effect that can offer support for symptoms like anxiety.

A recent study has shown that Lions Make mushroom offered benefits for depression, helping to alleviate some of the symptoms of mood disorders and enhanced peripheral nerve regeneration.

What I have found, and it happened within about three weeks, is that my brain health improved significantly. Not only did my panic attacks stop completely, but my ability to focus, sleep deeply and generally want to get out of bed in the morning all improved dramatically. Three months later, all those things are improving on the daily.


Reishi has a long history of use in ancient China for stress relief, calming the mind, and combating sleep issues. It is the most anti-inflammatory of the mushrooms and we know how detrimental inflammation is to all systems of the body. Reishi is an adaptogen that promotes balance throughout the body and its function from head to toe.

I can most definitely say that all of the above claims have come true for me. As with Lions Mane, the decrease in anxiety and depression is notable but my physical health has improved also. I’m not getting ill every other week like I used to and my diabetes management is much easier. There has been a decrease in insulin needs and blood pressure medication which I have been taking since surgery. There are no more cholesterol meds either and those readings are steadily getting back to normal.


Cordyceps also claims great advantages for brain health, along with anti-inflammatory properties, cholesterol-lowering properties, and lowering blood sugar. In some studies, cordyceps has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer tumors and improve heart health. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can help to reduce stress response. It has also been shown to improve exercise performance significantly.

Again, yes to the above. My energy levels and motivation for life haven’t been this good for years. I am back to my beloved weight training three times a week now. Three months ago I could barely get out of bed. I don’t feel like I am perpetually living underwater or in a dream and I have great hope and excitement about my life again.

Some of the benefits of each mushroom mentioned above are similar to the next so it is hard to know which one is doing what. However, this is what was recommended to me by a holistic practitioner with knowledge and understanding. The results of incorporating medicinal mushrooms for my health has been significant and I have made so much progress in a short time with no other changes to my lifestyle other than taking these mushrooms. Importantly there is research and evidence to back them up.

Always seek professional advice before any change in lifestyle, diet or medication regime. It is important to source mushroom extracts from a reliable, safe source and seek advice before hand.





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