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This cup of coffee in the morning gives me a small glimpse into my future. I sit in the chair by my living room window with my cup warming my hands. I sip and savor the sweet woodie taste and inhale the aroma. Peace. I have choices today. Rising early allows me time to consider those choices. I didn’t always allow myself this time, this cup of coffee in the morning. I would fall out of bed into the shower, into my clothes and go to some job or other that broke me. Ignoring my heart and the whispers of my soul was my way and eventually, I lost connection with both.

I watch the tiny birds outside feeding from the bird table my husband made, appreciating their activity and song without panic or intrusive thoughts. I notice the color and movement of each bird and the direction they fly in. It’s almost time for chicks. Another sip from my cup. The warmth of this Columbian delight makes its way down to warm my chest.

Gratitude. Peace. I chose myself.

This morning I have chosen to care for myself. I will make myself a priority and reinforce that even though I have a responsibility towards others, I matter too. I will wear something I love, with bright colors. Nutritious food will be my choice today and of course, a treat will be included. My work now is fulfilling and brings me a sense of achievement. I will move my body, study, and find time to rest. My future looks bright and comfortable this morning as I take the last sip of coffee.

Every morning, for quite some time, I have chosen myself first. These choices may seem simple and mundane, but it is in the mundane that we begin to reconnect with ourselves.  Choosing ourselves first thing over a cup of coffee leaves space for our hearts and whispering souls to be heard again.

Enjoy your coffee!


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