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In a world of corruption,
Hatred and greed;
Today we have life,
A life we can lead.

The disruption has gone,
And so has the sorrow;
Replaced by a programme
We know we must follow.

The demons won’t leave
By the door marked eviction;
It wants us all dead,
Because that’s our addiction.

So some of the demons
Will always remain;
But today we don’t drink
To blot out the pain.

If we work at it daily,
And give it our best
There’s a chance that we won’t
Get laid to rest.

Sometimes we go through
A pain to recover;
This network’s in place,
To help one another.

We must keep on our guard,
Keep wide awake;
This illness is real
And lives it will take.

One thing’s for sure,
And we never regret;
We treat this disease
With the utmost respect.

In a world of corruption,
Hatred and greed;
Where others have fallen,
That make our hearts bleed.

One day at a time,
And if we all follow;
There’s one guarantee…
We will wake up tomorrow.




  1. melissa johns Reply

    This poem was a beautiful inspiration for me Michael keep em coming!!!!

  2. Dee Lawson Reply

    A powerful poem written from the heart ,brave and courageous fighter who is an inspiration to others. Well done Mick there are no words equal to your achievement, love n light x

  3. Christine Rhodes Reply

    A powerful yet tender poem, Michael. Thank you, Michael. Christine and Rich (Saturday night Derby 5:30)

  4. Bill Dulake Reply

    Never has a man been so proud of his a younger brother.
    remain strong Michael

  5. Beautiful poem, except for the last sentence… waking up tomorrow is not a gaurentee…it’s a gift.(not to be negative, just realistic), otherwise, beautiful poem!

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