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dontknow-blogToday I asked myself the question; What do you want – a desire that is complete or incomplete?

I was stunned by my answer. Incomplete!

Incompleteness has the energy of movement and attainment. Successive tiny completions along a spectrum of a goal and desire. Ironically, there is completeness in celebrating incompleteness – it’s known as PROGRESS

 Progress not Perfection

I like knowing that I am an ever-expanding work in progress. Always growing even when I hit that ditch of seeming stagnancy.

What is stagnancy? It’s that sense of motionlessness. But what is really happening? Well it is potential energy being stored up. Think HOOVER DAM. The power of harnessing and gathering energy to use with intention.

What could or would you do with all that stored energy?

Energy takes different forms. Sometimes it flows as effortlessly and steadily as the Itchetucknee River. Sometimes it flows like a class give rapid – tumultuous, unpredictable, fierce, and exhilarating. Sometimes it’s like an eddy-flowing in reverse past an obstacle in a direction different than the main current. Each form of energy has its purpose gifts.

The periods of “stagnancy” are opportunities to plant fresh ideas. The crap of “failure” is the fertilizer of success. One of the most common limiting beliefs is “I’m not enough.” Humans have accumulated enough fertilizer in this one thought to nourish the planet for millennium.

Enough of what? Are we incomplete or always evolving?

Completion is death—there is no more growth. We can only ever be where we are. Though we may not like “where we are” we can’t hate our way into being where we want. If a seedling had self-consciousness would it say, “I’m not good enough I’m just a little sprout, I’m not a real plant.” Without self-criticism it simply grows.

Self-evaluation is useful because it asks the question,  “Am I getting closer or farther from what I desire? Just that one course correction thought can shift everything. Your desires are calling you to grow and every stage has its value. Once you “complete” a desire the horizon expands to ask; “what’s next? How else can I grow?”

Make Believe ~Make Belief Affirmation:  I am enough today. My desire is always growing.

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