There is no doubt that addiction is a harrowing and devastating plague infesting our communities. Every state in America is overwhelmed with requests for detox and rehab beds. Despite the requests, there are simply not enough places to deal with the demand. It is true that there is an epidemic and has been for some years, pertaining to drug and alcohol addiction. Our loved ones are dying. However, what about the ones who make it?  Voices of Hope – The Rugged Road to Recovery is a new documentary series aiming to change the public view towards the outcome of active addiction.

A vision of hope.

Voices of Hope: The Rugged Road to Recovery,” is a 12-part documentary featuring young people who have struggled with substance abuse disorder in the past. Accordingly, those featured are now living a healthy productive life in recovery. The documentary was the brainchild of David Packham, who is the father of a recovering addict. His Son Chris became addicted to alcohol in 2018 and subsequently is now in recovery. Packham learned about the recovery community through Chris and wanted to portray the positive outcome that recovery has on the individual and the community. David added “There are currently 25% of our young people struggling with some form of addiction. Our aim with these films is to make it half that by letting people see how worth it recovery is.”

David Packham approached filmmaker Reginald Groff of Groff Films to make the documentary series.  Also involved in the production is an organization called Students Empowered to End Dependency (S.E.E.D) based in Portland. The stories of those in the series are inspiring and brave and prove that recovery is possible and as real as the addiction itself. It aims to reduce the stigma of addiction that plagues the individual and their families long after recovery is achieved.

The documentary airs at 7p.m. Saturdays on WGME in Portland, WABI in Bangor and WAGM in Presque Isle. After each episode airs you can watch them on the Voices of Hope website.

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