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sometimes i see medusa

wearing my face,

with my dreams dangling

like an ominous crown of complex and

cunning serpents.

the horizon,


and riddled with salt-sculptured icons,

is emblazoned with the history

of mega-apocalypse.


sometimes i see a chained prometheus,

wildly waving a strangled eagle,


taunting the gods.

his mountainside looms

in the northernmost regions

of my mind.


sometimes i see the ferryman,

but he is a cautious one,

wary of the stowaway.

sneering harpies flank his approach.


sometimes i see bosch,

painting infinite murals

in unison

with my narratives

wrought with melancholy.


sometimes i see dante,

and hand-in-hand i guide him,

walking barefoot through hell,

the devil’s winds whistling our bones.


hell is a time in a place in my mind.


yet in a suddenly shimmering distance,

Jonah brushes himself off,

liberated at the edge of the

foul and festering morass.

he prayed himself out of a whale

of trouble.


i sense new direction

and plan my escape.


I began writing articles for several recovery magazines in January of 2016 after meeting Ernest Kurtz one Sunday afternoon and being inspired and encouraged to pursue an old dream. Since then, my work has appeared in I Love Recovery Café, In the Rooms, Step 12 Magazine, InRecovery Magazine, Sober Nation and Recovery illustrated, as well as other websites. I love to add humor when writing about my thinking problems and memorable experiences in recovery, and to share some of the little miracles that kept me on the path. My first book, "Spiritual Geometry 101– Crooked Lines", was published in 2019 and is available at Amazon as an eBook. If you prefer a print edition, please contact me at and I can make arrangements to ship you a copy. I am also a poet and a stained glass artist, working primarily with lamp shades. I have lived in Southeastern Lower Michigan all my life, graduated from Monroe Catholic Central High School and Monroe County Community College. I have an Associates of Applied Science degree and retired in 2020 after working in the Pediatric Respiratory Department at University of Michigan Hospital. I attend meetings regularly, am married and live near Ann Arbor, Michigan. I’ve been continuously clean and sober since March 14th, 1987, and am active in my recovery. I hope I never forget to be grateful for my second chance at life. Peace.


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Who Answers?

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