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Blog by 7 Gens Deb

I decided to write this morning to share my observations about the reality of life for many people. I am one of them. Here’s my share.

I was watching the new a couple of nights ago. There was a young man, jailed, locked in a room, alone. He had taken some type of drug and was overdosing. Writhing in agony, the news clip shows the man suffering and records a couple of the guards watching him and laughing at his predicament. They did not help him. They let him suffer and die alone, 4 hours later. The man that died was recently, honorably discharged from the US military. He served in the Afghanistan War.

I belong to a group on Facebook. It is a closed group for Mom’s of addicts. Everyday, there are several Mom’s posting that their child died as a result of their addiction. Some find their child dead in a bedroom. Some get that dreaded call from the police.

My daughter is currently sitting in a maximum security prison for women in Denver, Colorado. I was the one that called the Sheriff’s office and had her arrested. She had an active warrant and was going down fast, living in her active addiction. It is a long story, even to describe the events of the last 30 days. I talked to her on the phone today. She is terrified. She is physically ill. She told me thank you for having her picked up. She thanked me. I told her I did not want to do it and I did not do it alone. I got a lot of help from HP.

Please pray for the addicts and alcoholics still suffering in the world. Please pray for their families. Please help one another.

Thank you.

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