Dear Beloved In The Rooms Community,

In my 53 years of life on this planet, 29 of which have been in continuous recovery from addiction, I have never seen such a bizarre and challenging time as what we are facing now.

We are actually dealing with two pandemics: the COVID-19 virus itself, and the second pandemic of fear around the virus.

Fear drives insecurity.

Insecurity breeds anxiety and creates stress. Chronic stress, fear and anxiety are precursors to addiction and other mental health issues.

Of course, this is a challenging time for everyone. And for our community of people in recovery, the strength of our recoveries are being put to the test.

In times like these, it is so easy to be drawn into negativity, anger, judgment and argument. If we allow ourselves to lose our center, we can quickly become gripped in fear and behave in ways that make this already challenging situation even worse…

…Or we can live in the solution, one day at a time.

In one respect everything has changed in our world. On the other hand, nothing has changed.

We still must wake up each day and do the work of recovery. We must hit meetings and connect with each other, even if it is with a digital interface between us. We need to exercise, eat, rest and love. Our kids and elderly need extra attention at this time. They always do.

Over these past seven months, in the world of recovery from addiction, we have seen some extraordinary things, and we have seen some very painful things. Some of us have fallen sedentary. Some have relapsed. Some have died. Others among us have focused on the solution, engaged in health and recovery-supporting activities, and they have thrived through the challenge of this period.

This is always the way it is.

Clearly, there are specific strategies and best practices for dealing with challenges in recovery and life.

In our continued efforts to recover, to thrive and to serve others, there are so many important things to discuss relevant to this very moment.

Please join me this Monday, August 31st at 5:00pm PT for a live presentation called Recovery in the Time of COVID-19.

We will tune in together, meditate for a few minutes and then I will present on strategies for recovery and thriving in this time of adversity.

What: Live Webinar: Recovery in the Time of COVID-19
Presenter: Tommy Rosen
When: Monday August 31 at 5:00pm PT

May we all gather together to uplift each other.
I look forward to seeing you all there.

With Love and Gratitude,


Tommy Rosen
Recovery 2.0
“The Path of Discovery”

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  1. This is wonderful at a time we all need this. I am Grateful to be a member of R20.
    Thank-you Tommy and Staff for all that you do.❤️

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