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I woke this morning in a house
I’ve wished for since I was a little girl.
A home.
Silence except
for the sound of birds
feeding their young
in the surrounding oak tress
and the soft breathing
of my little dog sleeping beside me.

My love still in deep slumber
I reach to touch the back of his head
“time to get up” I whisper,
planting a soft kiss on his neck.

On my way to the kitchen,
I study the cracks in the wall
of our ancient cottage
and honour the history
and the people who built
this haven of ours
which sits at the bottom
of the mountain.

Standing in our kitchen
bare feet upon the stone floor
the smell of fresh coffee
igniting my senses
preparing me for the day ahead.
I hear the children stir upstairs
my love, smiling
grabs me in an embrace



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Who Answers?

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