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Blog by magicpowers

my dad, he passed on Christmas morning
& tho it came with a warning
i lost my husband, too that day
tho he would not pass away
he was taken down
with a stroke
never to recover
he soon slipped away
on a sunny April day
that February in between
in my arms, my mom would die
i felt overwhelmed with grief
that time, that God, was a thief
so the holidays
can now be trying
sometimes alone, i sit crying
but i also keep trying
to handle it with some grace
try to put on a brave face
i’m haunted but it’s bittersweet
i never feel quite complete
there’s no good reason to feel hateful
for our younger ones, i am grateful
so i wrap myself against the cold
feeling weakened, feeling old
but trying to be strong
trying to keep going on
there’s much i am happy for
i really can’t ask for more
because Gina, Nick & Zoie
make my life all warm & glowy
so when i start to feel depressed
i remember that i’m truly Blessed

xoxoxo Wendy magic

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