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Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic status. Recent news has been full of stories about surging drug overdose deaths, the ongoing opioid crisis and drug-related crime.  However, it’s important to remember that behind every statistic is a real person.  Many struggle to cope with the disease of addiction. However, real stories of people who have recovered from alcohol and drug addiction do exist. 

Fortunately many people manage to find effective treatment for substance use disorder.  Accredited alcohol and drug rehab centers help thousands of people recover from addiction each year. Trying to cope with addiction alone can be extremely difficult, even risky. But the evidence-based treatments, professional medical care and personalized treatment plans can make the difference. 

Addiction Treatment Success Rates

Even as the US grapples with multiple alcohol and drug related crises, rehab success rates remain relatively high. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, relapse rates for addiction resemble those for other chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension.  Although every person is different studies show that medically supervised detox, inpatient rehab program, outpatient treatment and follow-up care will provide the best possible results.  

The goal of addiction treatment is not simply to help a person stop using drugs and alcohol. It’s also about returning to productive functioning within their families, workplaces and communities. Research shows that the majority of people who get into treatment and remain there for the recommended period of time stop using drugs. Criminal behavior is also decreased and an increase in psychological, social and occupational wellbeing is observed. 

What Makes a Successful Addiction Treatment Program

Addiction treatment is most successful when a program provides:

  • The option of medical detox
  • A caring and highly trained team
  • Customized programs with a variety of treatment options including ones that address mental, emotional, and spiritual health 
  • Help getting back to life after rehab, like transition assistance and mentoring programs
  • Flexible outpatient treatment options
  • Continued aftercare programs

Real Stories of People Who Have Recovered from Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Getting treatment for addiction is not easy. However, with the right support and programs in place, people have a much greater chance of success. Need some inspiration? Here are four stories of real people who transformed their lives with the help of Legacy Healing Center’s South Florida and New Jersey addiction treatment centers. 

Amanda’s Story

“I didn’t realize how much I had learned until I came home, out of this safe bubble. I was faced with all of my triggers, fears, and put in uncomfortable situations,”  Amanda said. “Beginning to use many of the tools I was given to cope with this anxiety, I started to feel my power.”

One month after Amanda completed her program at Legacy Healing Center in South Florida, she said, “I look at my treatment program as the biggest asset in building a strong foundation, to start the new me and attain the life I always knew deep down I was meant to have.”

With the help of Legacy’s counselors, therapists and support staff, Amanda brought structure into her life through attending 12-step meetings and learning to live with a more positive mindset, finding the strength within herself to remain composed when faced with difficult situations, and accepting that she “could only be responsible for controlling what was in her my power to control”.

Amanda found her experience at Legacy “HUGELY REWARDING,” and has left the program with “nothing but love and deep gratitude for all the Legacy team & community.”

Ron’s Story

Ron was stuck in a cycle of alcohol abuse for almost 20 years and thought it would be impossible to stop. His time at Legacy Healing Center gave him not only the medical care he needed, but also “a new family, and a new outlook on life.”

“With the help of the amazing staff there and their medical team I am now drug and alcohol free for over one hundred days for the first time in my adult life,”  he said.

Jennifer’s Story

To get the help she needed, Jennifer stayed in Legacys inpatient rehab program for five weeks. Things were difficult at first.  In Jennifer’s words, “I broke down, cried, tried to hide it, they found out and came to me and I felt better.  I listened, and knew I needed to get better. After that I was on my way to reach my goal of sobriety.”   

Jennifer found that with the help of the “dozens of counselors, techs, nurses, (and doctors) to go to”, she was never alone when she felt uncomfortable or sick.

“You will meet people that may change your attitude, outlook and give you hope. They even keep in contact with you after you leave! You feel very cared for. It’s almost been 3 months sober for me. I have people I know I can call anytime, no matter what,” she said.

Mathew’s Story

“This place touched my heart and gave me both the tools and the push I needed to wake up and get my life together,” said Mathew.  

He went through medical detox then stepped down to a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). “When you move to PHP you’re still surrounded by the awesome caring staff,” Mathew said. “Now though you inherit some of your life responsibilities, like doing your own laundry, making your own food, and cleaning your own place so that you get that little push outta the nest to start taking action in your life.” 

“I couldn’t possibly say enough good things about this place. The staff was attentive and caring…the program fosters building friendships that I know I’ll have for a lifetime. Thank you, Legacy, I truly love each and every person I’ve been blessed to work with at your facility!!”

Addiction Treatment at Legacy Healing Center

If you feel inspired by the successes of others, why not create your own success story? Effective addiction treatment supports you through detox, rehab and outpatient care, and will be there for you every step of the way with physical health care, behavioral therapy, and spiritual and mental wellness treatments. To speak with a treatment specialist any time, day or night, call (888) 534-2295 or visit


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