my sponsor suggested i accept the responsibility of rightin the wrongs i had done or may do. it did not matter how skeerd i was, i needed to make amends, PERIOD! this did not mean i run out and try to cover my own ass at the expense of others. acceptin my responsibility fer my wrong doins required tact and compassion fer others as well as fer me. responsibility fer my wrong doin and admittin ownership of my behavior was not done without havin a strong relationship with my HP. i needed His guidance to be able to do this. it was a very tough exercise fer me, a recoverin alcoholic, to use responsibility, tact, and humility, all at the same time. i needed my HP to complete any act of amends so, not only i, but the person i was makin an amends to are held safe, and NOT harmed further. i am grateful fer havin learned the proper way to go about doin this. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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