in repairin the damage i have the potential to cause, or have caused, i need to always use good judgment. i seldom use it when im in a hurry to accomplish what i want and i make mistakes, unfortunately causin others, and myself, harm. so, it is imperative i use good judgment when repairin these damages. i like how this readin suggest that timin, courage, and prudence are needed when makin an amends to repair the damage ive caused. prudence is a great word to use; it means i must use discretion in practical affairs. on my own, i dont have, or can even use, prudence; i need the guidance of others in my life to use prudence. my sponsor, my HP, and other mentors in the program are who i use to make sure i am able to use prudence in makin my amends. i have to bounce things off of em so when i do make an amends i am not just goin out and doin it blindly; i tend to make things worse if i dont ask for guidance. the essence of this step is that i take responsibility fer my past wrongs and put NOTHIN on the other person i am makin an amends to. with help from this short list of guides, i am then able to make a proper meaningful amends. 1 day @ a time...

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