there came a point in my life when my own self-sufficient self-will was no longer able to carry me through each day. i was worn out; it no longer helped me to survive. as i started livin the principles of the program in my life i could feel the change in my life, my outlook, my heart, my thoughts had to change. my way of doin things was wearin thin, i was about to break. in many aspects i had already began to break, losin hope fer life. acceptin the new ideas i was learnin was tough, it was about breakin down and throwin away everythin i had ever believed in. i was at a point were somethin had to change and it was me. just as soon as i was able to start bein willin enough to accept these changes in my life i felt like my life may get better. my sponsor started to be my guide to my HP which led me to a whole new thought process about life. i am grateful fer things i went through to get where i am today. they were tough, but today i know i am a better man fer it. i began feelin love and could sense bein loved. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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