acceptance of my alcoholism was but a 1st step in regainin control of my life. a lot of things happened to me as a result of my drinkin; i lost self-confidence, self-respect, and even the will to live on. acceptin these things as a loss was a difficult undertaken. i couldnt believe that i had let somethin as small as alcohol come between me and my family; between me and life itself. i let my alcoholism cut me off from everythin i thought was good and worthwhile in my life. i needed to find somethin that could help me regain some sort of control over my life, it had become totally unmanageable. my sponsor taught me that there was somethin i could do, that objective was to turn my will over, and live by a different set of principles. this thing we do told me it was possible if i accepted my HP and started livin by His rule. just as the readin suggests, as soon as i was able to accept these things my life did change. my emotional, psychological, behavioral, and spiritual life has been evolvin ever since. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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