there is no one to blame fer the reasons i had quit relyin upon the God of my youth. i grew angry because i had learned if i believe, He would never leave me behind. as i grew up, and experienced life, i grew a resentment toward the God of my youthful religious teachin, coz i felt He had left me behind. recovery showed me how it was i who had turned my back on Him, not He who had turned His back on me. through inventory i was able to understand the inconsistencies i had formed toward my belief in Him. as i grew in my recovery and looked at the many times He had been there when i wasnt, it was an easy decision to make. was i to live a life of faith and obedience, followin the spiritual principles of this thing we do, or move forward continuin to ignore what i had learned about my life. it took time, it wasnt a burnin bush moment. i needed to explore and continue to watch and learn from others in the rooms, continuin my personal journey into inventory and recovery. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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