i dont know of many who do not have an HP of their own conception in this thing we do. whether it is merely the use of the group, or some deity, most i know in recovery have a faith in somethin to help guide them along in their journey. havin gained a soundness of mind myself, after employin the mechanism of the 12 steps, i cannot tell ya the grace ive been gifted was of my own makin. it happened with the cooperation of others, the participation ive employed with my HP, and a determination fer a transformation within; i can today say, there is a rallyin point where i can find accommodation with others in this thing we do. it has been said, true humility and an open mind can lead me to faith. each time i have contact with others in this thing we do, i get to experience the assurance my HP will restore me to sanity as i rightly relate myself to Him. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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