the degree of humility it took me to humble myself and become the member of a group was somethin that never wouldve happened back in the days of doin my dirt. by the time i had come into the rooms i had broken my self-will sufficiently enough to realize i needed the help of others to make it. i could not do it alone. and by “it”, i mean anythin; recovery, let alone life. this meant i needed the unity of the fellowship to help guide me. as i followed along, faith became somethin which grew within, outward. others had shown me how, by watchin em in, and out of , meetins, how faith had, and was, workin in their lives. if at first i was just parrotin what they were doin, this simple behavior began to infiltrate my thought process. today, i get to hopefully be the one newcomers get to watch and do as i did when i came in. faith and a belief in somethin greater than i is a mainstay in my life today. i was shown a path to faith, its my turn to show others. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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