i feel like emotional sobriety has to do with the maturity level ive grown toward since my recovery began. i aint sayin i still dont want some of the things i desire, coz i do. i want to be loved, i want to enjoy a certain security, i want to be accepted, and i want to be able to give these sentiments as readily as i receive em. and that is where ive grown. the ability to want to give em, even if im lackin in receivin em. this thing we do has taught me balance, which in turn has provided an intelligence and understandin of acceptance. this in turn, has allowed me to identify what humility can mean to me personally. when i go to demandin these basic human desires, without the strength to accept, and even share em, i fall prey to fear, compulsion, and phony aspirations. i then forget my HP and turn to easier softer methods, usually tryin to take, these God given and graced sympathys. my humanness has the power to kill me. true humility, equal balance, willingness to accept, is what recovery teaches me is the solution. reliance upon my HP then comes and as i live emotional sobriety, i get to live emotional recovery. 1 day @ a time...

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