recovery showed me through inventory how resentment and self-pity became concerns which had me fearful of what others thought of me and the way they interacted with me. in an effort to protect my inner, so thought, well-bein and false sense of integrity, i reacted to those fears, with self-delusion, self-seekin, and self-reliant behaviors. i had to make myself believe i was more than i was, a mere person. when i behaved in such manners, i unintentionally hurt those around me causin a reaction of self-preservation by em. and their reaction to my action often times hurt me. and even as these subtle interactions happened, i could not see my part in em, i was the victim, even as i victimized em first. i learned, and started to believe, how selfishness – self-centeredness, had become a root of my troubles with the emotions mentioned prior. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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