i fell into the trap of self-reliance through the character defect of selfishness. surely it was an awesome feelin to have self-confidence, but as i tried to finger out life fer myself, i blocked others out. the more i thought i was winnin in life, with the inventory recovery was teachin me, i could sense, written down, right there in front of me, how and why loneliness had caused the fears a false sense of healthy self-reliance had become my lot. loneliness and personal isolation really had me thinkin, then doin shit, which caused others harm which furthered the harm i was doin to myself. as recovery soaked in, as i learned from others how they had fought the same similar battles, i could catch the idea that i, would have to do just as they, if i wanted to live with the freedom they had. an HP, even if only in the belief that others had solved their problems usin the steps became the way fer me to start to lay a foundation of faith in somethin greater than me. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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