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i reckon i can remember all the regret, shame, remorse, and guilt of the self-pity i felt back in the days of doin my dirt. the memory of those feelins and how they drove me deeper into fear, anger, worry, and foolish decisions, is still with me today. it is no wonder a healthy sense of gratitude fer anythin, couldnt be felt within. settin these facts on paper, surrenderin to the alcoholism which drove me to em, discussin em with my sponsor and other trusted friends in recovery, and acceptin that God could, and would, if He were sought, was the catalyst that helped me to live my recovery past those emotions. i was able to learn just how my HP had helped me live through those times. when i found the proper solutions to those self-imposed curses, i was able to begin to use gratitude as a betterment in my life. this sense of advancement, or development, in thought and behavior, created the outgoin action of love instead of untrust, loathsome worry, fear, hate, and anger. its been my experience love always conquers any contempt i may ever feel. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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Who Answers?

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