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this mornins daily lists just another of the simplest, briefest, forms of direction and instruction fer me to follow if i want to remain sober. reiteratin, just like the ease of clean house, trust God, and help others, the simplicity of this thing we do. just coz they are simple, as ive learned, they are not easy, but are possible. just as this mornins daily suggests, the teachin, is never over. if, and when, i can keep it elementary, i have no trouble practicin these straightforward ideas. even, when i get to learn how to eat another, whole, humble pie. there is, fer me, a course of action, or approach, which has been tried and proven by those whove come before me. guess what? i aint gotta do this shit alone. as i am taught through my sobriety, i get to learn and apply the manageable directives which help me to earn my recovery with the unity of the fellowship beside me. 1 day @ a time...

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Who Answers?

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