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when i came into the rooms, it was my decision to call myself an alcoholic or not. nobody forced that decision upon me. after sittin in the rooms fer a while and listenin to those who came before me tell of the same emotions i had experienced throughout my alcohol use, it became clear, that maybe, i was just as they. i began to feel a sense of belongin. today i feel like it is my duty as a member to help protect the fellowship from outside influence. i believe in the traditions at heart. i believe in equality. i want this thing we do to be here whenever someone, just like me, reaches out fer help, just as it was fer me. its my understandin its why the traditions were founded to protect its integrity and anonymity. as long as i keep it simple, i can help to keep this thing we do simple too. its not my privilege to choose who is and who isnt an alcoholic, i think i will let God do the judgin. 1 day @ a time...

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Who Answers?

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