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writin my 4th step inventory was a first foray into understandin the harm i had caused others. my 5th step, talked over with my sponsor, helped me to comprehend how i may have potentially used my will to influence em into favorable acts fer my personal disposal. it was hard to fathom i had done this to others when i truly thought, throughout the days of doin my dirt, i had been a respectable, good person toward others. my alcoholism had severely blinded me to the acts and behavior i had done just to get my will through others biddin. takin this in, gettin to the bottom of my character defects and shortcomins, was a necessary requisite so i could pick out how i had wronged/used others usin selfishness and self-righteousness. with clear recognition and an applicable consciousness of these imperfections and drawbacks, i was able to begin the character buildin prescribed by the forward development of my personal program of recovery. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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Who Answers?

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