today i cannot see livin life without the relationship i have with my HP. i reckon the only way i was ever able to in the past was pure self-will. and as we already know, that didnt turn out too damned well for me. its been a very long time since ive started my day, or lived through my day, without a time of communication with my HP. i do recall missin it as i started my day in my early recovery and remember how shit got all fucked up after a few hours in my day. i reckon rememberin that shit has enabled me to maintain the structure, foundation, and discipline of keepin a time early in my day for reflection and rumination. this vital sustenance helps me to let go of what i dont need and who i dont wanna be. it is a time set aside for me where i have nothin to prove to anybody and nothin to protect. that place is called freedom. i get to let loose the handicaps of obstinacy, sensitiveness, and unreasonin prejudice. i get to gain new ideals and new attitudes which bring a new life. im provided an experienced attitude which changes and constructs my mind, my emotions, and my intuitions of vitally needed support. i can be less sensitive and laugh at self-pity because its so childish. i can live Gods miracle-workin power lettin it manifest in my life. when i practice the spiritual principle of faith through prayer and meditation, there is nothin that my HP cannot accomplish in changin my life. i get to marry my thoughts to my behaviors and trade loneliness for solitude. these are actions and behaviors that change my thinkin. i get to try to live it all throughout my day. even if i dont live up to em and fail in my efforts, i get to restart and try prayer and meditation all over again. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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