there are times i try to take my will and run shit without the guidance prayer & meditation offer. i keep tryin to appease myself, almost, forcin my will forward. i get all boxed in, close doors, and build walls, tryna let go and let joel. as the antipathy and insecurity build within i become frustrated and angry. these emotions/feelins are sure indicators ive stopped relyin on the prayer & meditation which bring my HPs resolve into the forefront of my mind enterin into my heart with wise intent. these tossed, inner feelins, alert me to the solution im forgettin to use. seekin peace of mind for the troubles i may be experiencin i have to fall back on the enlightenment and freedom recovery brings me. doin what i know to be good for me, i relinquish control and ask my HP to help me. listenin for His intuitive voice of reason within, i soon relax and take stock of the dilemma that i unsuccessfully tried to fix. ive learned when i stop to let go and let God, i get to feel like ive eaten a peppermint pattie. but only its the sensation of peace, warmth, and contentment. i get to feel the sense of belongin again instead of bein out on my own. my next task is to step forward with what i feel my HPs will is. prayer & meditation are the safety net recovery offers so i may continue the spiritual awareness which continues my spiritual experience. i get to be the person in the room who offers the unconditional love, compassion, and empathy, my HP gives to me. i get to be a reflection of my HP, not all twisted up, sore, riled, and irate. hell mannn, theres enough of that shit already, i aint gotta contribute. id rather be the one who brings the rays of sunlight into a darkened room. reasonable with integrity, strong with confidence. spiritual awareness gives me an ability to thank my HP for His guidin light. i get to use it, follow it, and give it when i humble my heart. 1 day@ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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