i have heard in the rooms that prayer & meditation is my humble answer to the inconceivable surprise of livin. ive also learned there a bazillion ways to pray with honest & meaningful intent. whichever way i do it, its personal to me, and a style that uniquely expresses my spirituality. sometimes my prayer is verbal and sometimes its enacted through behavior. it isnt somethin i need to worry about doin. whats important is that i be willin to move from the everyday world to a place where it is just my HP and me. prayer is an important part of my spiritual journey to develop new ways to meditate, trustin my relationship with my HP to deepen the experience. what matters is that i give myself to it. when prayer comes from my heart, i know it, and can be at peace. recovery has taught me that prayer & meditation are just another set of words for, “conscious contact with my HP as i understand him,” which is important to my recovery. when i keep prayer & meditation in its proper place in my life, it provides many of the rewards that have come to me as a result of this new way of livin. i get to ask God to mold my ideals and help me to live up to them. prayer & meditation teach me to act accordingly as i use the spiritual principles of recovery to excel my spiritual awareness growin my spiritual experience. today i cannot let this relationship falter, its proven me the benefits it offers. each, prayer & meditation, have taught me structure & discipline. when all else fails, all i have to do is try followin directions. these directions are laid out simply in the big book, its my privilege to follow em if i wanna continue receivin the gifts they offer. 1 day @ a time...

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