i went to a meetin yesterday formatted on the 11th step exclusively. it was one like i had never been to before. surely ive been to meetins where ive read the 11th step in the big book and the 12 & 12, but this was different. it was kinda like a guided meditation meetin, but yet here again, different in its structure. after the meetin i approached the chair and asked if i could get pics of each of the pages that were the guidelines for the meetin. i was very surprised to learn how in depth each of the subjects were covered. i cannot wait to try each in my mornin and evenin prayer and meditation. what was unique about this meetin was the use of the st francis/11th step prayer. how delvin into each of the prayer requests in the 11th step prayer were covered. ive structured my time of prayer & meditation as the big book suggests and feel like this different form may help me grow my spiritual awareness and experience. ima try it for a few weeks, prob a month, and see what the results are. i aint tryina set any expectation, just want to see if i can use this newfound structure as a way to better my relationship with my HP, and hopefully others. ive experienced how no problems solution will elude me for long when i rely on my HP for strength, guidance, and clear vision. and i feel like this fresh look into the use of the 11th step prayer will benefit, not only me, but those around me as I use it to better my own understandin. which ev way i choose to experience my relationship with my HP is my own decision. the important thing is that i do it with intent. growin my spiritual awareness and experience is a blessin that pays dividends in many different ways. i can change my life today. my only need is to think quietly of my HPs will. relationships are built with communication; so, i pray. as i pray only for knowledge of His will for me and the power to carry that out, all i gotta do is pay attention, and use step 11. 1 day @ a time...

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