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i used to have the thought and belief that pain was just a necessary evil of life, that if i had to suffer others had to too. and how deeply did i believe it to be true. i currently work with a couple of people who are much younger than i and i get to hear their philosophies and beliefs. many of these ideas they have are ones i can recall havin myself in my youth. it takes me back to a time when i didnt see much hope in life itself. the ideas i had, were mindsets and values i would fight to the death for with another. they were concepts nobody could ever make me see differently. all based upon the experiences i had had and lived through. listenin to these young uns profess how life is or posed to be reminds me so much of myself. havin lived life in instances of one or two times as old as they are, and over a decade and a half of recovery, im glad ive grown past those philosophies and morals into a person that can accept the changes that come as ive grown older. today i get to hold my face up to a light which allows me to understand the utility of lifes changes. how livin through the pains of my current and past sufferins have helped me grow into who i am today. even as i may still make mistakes in my life, ive learned through the process of recovery how those old ideas and values kept me at a standstill. how the change recovery offers has taught me to use the indispensable essentials of willingness, honesty, and open-mindedness. as i believe more deeply, i get to hold my face to a light that is warm and comfortin. there was a need for me to learn what pain is so i may live progressively forward today even when i dont see the light as brightly as i may want. those young uns arent wrong for their beliefs, experience will most likely change them as they grow older, just as mine have. today ive learned from my past experience and get to live so totally different than i ever have before. today i dont have to fear the power of failure, i get to have confidence and be of good cheer because of the spiritual awareness and progress ive experienced through pain. 1 day @ a time...

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Who Answers?

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