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it is my understandin today that when i give away what has been so freely given me, with gratitude, without expectation of return, i am committin an act of love that knows no bounds. when i am able to love myself, i get the opportunity to love another. and sometimes, even when i am findin self-love hard to capture, by the mere act and behavior of givin love, i get to grow and find self-love within. recently i had a dear family member pass on Easter day this year from the covid19. this person was like a brother to me and i felt this death deeply, and still do. as ive learned through recovery, when experiencin deep emotional pain, i must talk about it, sharin it with trusted friends in recovery. i immediately contacted my sponsor shortly after learnin of my cousins death and shared with him what had happened and how i was feelin. his response was clear and simple, only replyin, “be of service.” he passed onto me that very moment, ‘love without strings.’ how profound! how ‘practicin these principles in all of our affairs’ was his response. he could have fed my ego, fed my self-pity, fed my fear, or fed my tornado, but he did none of that justification. he passed onto me what recovery had passed onto him, intensive work with another alcoholic. he offered me the simple solution recovery offers to each within it. of the many lessons ive learned throughout my time in recovery ‘be of service’ is one that passes along unity, recovery, and service. it allows me the fortuity to have, and give, unconditional forgiveness, hope, and love. it provides for me, and those i would serve, the occasion to show the power and omnipotence of my HP and release from fear with faith. passin on my e.s.h. allows me to help another heal as it provides the same for me. it clears me of the need to have control and live my self-will. when i can honestly share with another by helpin em with their malady, just as they grow, i get to grow spiritually too. as i humbly tell another what it was like, what happened, and what it is like today, i get to open my mind, freein myself of pride so my intelligence will not continue to blind me keepin me from what i do not know. such a blessin ‘love without strings’ is for me. today my love involves lettin go and in the spaces of my love is the growth experienced. 1 day @ a time...

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Who Answers?

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