i remember when i first came to this program askin for help. i was full of pride, ego, guilt, remorse, and any other negative emotion of which one could think. if someone would have talked down to me then i probably would have just left. my sponsor spoke to me with humility, honesty, and love. this is somethin i must remember to pass on to others when i speak to them. let my HPs message of hope be carried through me to help them. my sponsor did not approach me with an attitude of arrogance or better than. if he had, i very well may have shut down immediately. he approached me with an attitude of understandin, sympathy, compassion, and empathy. he came at me in a spirit of humility and weakness just as this mornins readin suggests i do with others. his actions durin our 1st few meetins together taught me to approach and work with others who may be sufferin with this fatal disease, alcoholism, the same way. this is the only disease that can cause others to be mad at me for havin it. when i go to speakin with others who may come to me wantin this thing we dos solution for alcoholism, i greet them with the same understandin, sympathy, compassion, and empathy my sponsor did with me. he carried the message of recovery to me; it is today, my responsibility to carry the same message of recovery, by servin my brother, to others as well. 1 day @ a time…

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