insistin on enjoyin life is somethin i get to do when ever i get the chance. i am still able to enjoy the finer things in life without the curse of alcoholism. i did not get sober to not live life, but rather to live and enjoy life. i am thankful God has given me the chance to make my life an adventure. somethin i get to do today in recovery is have fun livin my life. i can remember thinkin early in recovery that my life as i knew it was over. in certain respects, it was, but enjoyin life and havin fun was not one of them. i gave up lonely days and nights of drunken debacles that were posed to be fun and ended up as miserable defeated devastation. i have learned by livin the spiritual set of principles this thing we do has offered me, i can do anythin i want; makin life fun and excitin, by vanquishin my fears with the forgiveness and love supplied by my HP. so, thats what i do. i no longer have to fret mornins after so-called fun. i can live and let live daily, livin life as it was meant to be lived. not worryin about what the other guy has or what they are doin; i get to create my own destiny in a fun healthy productive style all my own. anybody who knows me personally knows, i aint afraid to fuck around and find out healthy ways to enjoy the life recovery has given me. 1 day @ a time...

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