i am grateful fer the world of the spirit. i get to feel it dwell within me each day. i am also grateful that it is not a 1-day thing. as i feel it in the moments of my day, i can look forward to it fer the rest of my life as long as i continue to do His will. as i have journeyed this path of recovery my understandin of myself, as i let recovery thrive in my life, has been effective. it has taken time to get where i am today; patience on my behalf has been required. i know i have so much more to experience each day as my spiritual awareness grows. i am grateful i have been able to live and experience, what the promises tell me will happen in my life, as i continue to move forward. there is so much more yet to be discovered by me. the continued ability to surrender, accept, forgive, and love, are character assets i cant wait to feel more of. i do not have plans of stoppin this journey. i have been given hope from the faith i have, i will continue to grow as i walk, live, and practice the spiritual principles of this thing we do. 1 day @ a time…

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