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fer me, as long as i continue to keep the simple principle of “the keystone” in mind, the easier my life seems to be. it requires surrender, acceptance, honesty, hope, and faith. these are feelins, or actions/solutions, i was not able to have while out doin my dirt unless brought by the oblivion alcohol provided. today, i have the understandin, and knowledge, if i continue to do Gods will in my life, my days are brighter. i remember early on in this thing we do how the 3rd step and its prayer truly opened a door fer me. it gave me a foundation on which i could rely to help me through challengin times. it has grown with me as i have made my walk in recovery. it has become a solid foundation upon which i can lay my weary head and soul. openin my thoughts and centerin my attention to where it needs to be, on His will, not mine, “the keystone,” keeps me in the right headspace. today, i get to use it often, fer the faith i have in it, provides me hope to trudge forward. it is a practice in surrender, acceptance, honesty, hope, and faith, breakin my self-will for a better way of life. 1 day @ a time…

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Who Answers?

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