when i asked my sponsor how he was able to beat the drinkin thing he told me he had to have faith in somethin other than himself. when i asked others how they did it they told me they had to have faith in somethin other than themselves. it was then i understood the God idea was what they were usin to beat the drinkin game. i had to finally concede and give God a try. God has worked fer me ever since then. the idea that all the things i had tried to do to get by in life and make it worth livin didnt work fer me was an idea that had to be almost pounded into my head. it had been explained to me that it was my self-will that made all the bad choices and i had nobody to truly blame fer any of them but me. as i watched and listened in meetins, i heard others who had similar problems before comin into this thing we do speak of how they were able to turn their lives around by turnin their will over. these were people who were just like me in many ways, they drank like i did, they behaved like i did, and their outcomes were much like mine. they had seemed to turn their lives around and were actually happy; they had solved their problems with a simple reliance upon their Higher Power. i wanted that solution desperately. it became apparent that i must do as they suggested, stop followin my will and follow anothers, Gods. as i practiced the spiritual principles i began to see my life changin. the God idea, was workin in my life. today it still does, surrender, acceptance, honesty, hope, and faith in my HP, have become my new way of life. 1 day @ a time…

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