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i do not feel i can relate to another if i cannot identify the disease of alcoholism within myself. when i can, i get to share with em what it was like, what happened, and what it is like today. carryin the message to another may not have an effect on em but does have the effect of helpin myself. if one is sufferin as i once did, and still may if i do not continue with the solutions ive found that work for me, there is a hope within that i may help em to identify whether or not they too may be alcoholic. and it is only through carryin the message, brought forth from personal experience as suggested throughout the big book, that they may receive the gift of recovery i too have been given. even if they dont decide that what i have to offer as i share my e.s.h. may be what may help em, maybe, they can decide for themselves if another sponsor, or even another recovery program, may work for em. after i had met with my sponsor and learned of his alcoholism, i found we had nothin in common other than 1 thing, we were both alcoholics. with this understandin of a common solution for our common problem, i began to dig into the same solution that had worked for him, so that i might find recovery as well. today as i move forward in my recovery carryin the message is an essential part of it for me. i get to share how this thing we do has helped me to open my eyes to a world i had been blinded from viewin. i get to share how i can participate in life by existin with it. sharin with another what my disease did to me, no matter how much i or they used, i get to offer the hope of a similar existence for em. admittin to another what usin alcohol and drugs was doin to my life, family, and friends, is an honest venture in humility that may help another to discern for themselves that they are exactly like me in their disease. showin another how i carry the umbrella of recovery through the small problems i face as i trudge the road toward a new way of life is often times the bigger tell of what recovery has done for me rather than merely the tell itself. 1 day @ a time...

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Who Answers?

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