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this is so very essential fer me! i have to keep things simple or they become too big fer me. when things become too big fer me i want to try to show them i am bigger than them and i then do things that are not conducive to livin a healthy spiritual life. keepin me right sized keeps things simple fer me today. integrity has helped me believe in myself. it has provided a secure, balanced, and confident ability to be me. last night a couple of friends of mine and i were talkin to a 19yr old newcomer. he remarked how we were gangin up on him and bein mean to him. we all three chuckled as he said this. he said you guys, with all of your time, make it look easy, and like its no big deal. i told him this, that each of us 3, no matter how much time any one of us had, only truly had today. that he was just like us, only havin today. i explained to him, by livin just today as best as any one of us can in recovery, we create a better future and past fer ourselves. that the only real thing we have is today. when i got home and was fixin ta bed down i thought about our conversation. i remembered feelin the same way as that young un did, not so long ago; 18yrs have gone by quickly. i thought about how the 18+ years i do have in recovery are only because of that 1 day at a time thing we do. it was good to be with friends last night and share our experience with this young un. im grateful i have just today. 1 day @ a time…

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Who Answers?

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