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i was told a good practice for me was to maintain a list of thankfulness and gratitude. writin em was an action which could help me to rewire my thinkin processes when i became full of self-pity. this practice of a full inventory of my blessins was a list which could be malleable and ductile enough to change to meet needs when i felt like i was losin. this was what a gratitude list was for and about. somethin i would find useful to pull me away from self when i was gettin into myself and feelin self-pity and self-loathin. it reminds me that whatever it is i may be facin, may not be without good. it reminds me of times i may have went through that were tough and i didnt have to use alternate things to get through those times. it reminds me that there is a God and i aint him. it helps me to surrender and remember why i got sober. gratitude lists are somethin i was introduced to, early in my recovery. they continue to be beneficial to me. they help me pull myself out of bouts of depression, other natural negative emotions, and self-destructive behaviors. they are a simple, cheap, easy, and pleasant intervention to perform, and show me that gratitude intervention can increase positive affect, subjective happiness, life satisfaction, and reduce depression symptoms. i am very blessed in many ways today, far too many blessins to try to list here. the three things i can immediately put on any list of blessins is God, recovery, and the willingness to be of service to others. they help me live toward a happy, joyous, and free life, which are each blessins in themselves as well. ty lord fer thinkin bout me, im alive ‘n doin fine. 1 day @ a time…

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Who Answers?

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