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i felt so ashamed fer such a long time that i had let a liquid control my everyday actions. we have all heard the social stigmas that surround alcoholism, the jokes, the cut downs, all that defective stuff people think about people who cant control their drinkin habits. my alcoholism shut me out of livin my life successfully. it made me alone, secluded from reality, locked away in an apartment lonely, afraid, straight skeerd to go out in public. when i started to attend meetins ‘n such i listened to what others had to say. i learned all those feelins of guilt, remorse, and self-pity were feelins others had also; i found out i was not alone in those feelins. i learned that i could overcome my problems with the help of others just like me. i became part of a group and “We” were able to help one another beat this thing with our HPs help. today i know and understand, i cannot live a life without alcohol alone. it takes others to help me along; it takes me to help them along. fer years i tried to kill the obsession and compulsion alone and could not do it. it wasnt until i had given up and abandoned all my self-will i learned the concept of, “with others, it was possible to succeed in life without alcohol.” it is by no chance of word placement that the word “We” is the 1st word in the 1st step. tried and true methods by others, far better than i, made that decision. today as i work and live the spiritual principles of the 12 steps with others involved in my life i am blessed with not only sobriety, but recovery as well. 1 day @ a time…

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Who Answers?

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