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i remember when i was tryin to get sober and i would have a good run at it then go back out and make a total ass of myself while drinkin, yet 1 more time. at that time i didnt realize it was a perfectly natural thing to have happen if you werent tryin to live by a guided set of proven principles, i just thought i was a loser and couldnt do it. alcoholism is cunnin, bafflin and POWERFUL!!! i learned if i stick to the things taught to me by my sponsor, and had a true faith in God, i wouldnt have to go thru the total demoralization of, yet another debauch. im grateful today fer each and every one of the times i failed, i wouldnt be where i am at today if it wouldnt have happened just the way it did. i have had many setbacks while in recovery. i have tried diverse ways of handlin situations which used to baffle me, and failed at solvin whatever problem it may have been. each of these times i have cataloged the setbacks in my mind and tried to learn from them. each time there has been spiritual and emotional growth which has helped me to procure a better outcome in the future. each time, leanin further upon the spiritual principles, others, in or out of recovery, and even more so upon my HP. this thing we do has given me the option to surrender and accept setbacks as they are, pick myself up, dust myself off, and move forward. and its not so much that there have been changes in the shit that happens, its more so the way with which the way i manage em personally. 1 day @ a time…

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Who Answers?

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