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For years I searched to fill That Great Expanse Within. Right in the middle of my gut Was a hole as big as sin. Childhood years I read a lot. Thought knowledge would fill it up. Read everything could get my hands on Trying to fill that cup. Then came the drugs and alcohol. This would do the trick. As I drank and used the hole got bigger. Could make nothing there quite stick. Sex came in of every kind. This is what's been missing. With all the people in my life That hole kept on increasing. I tried it all, been round the world. That hole was always there. Then one day - It's unthinkable. I tried that thing called prayer. What's that feeling inside of me? This one I've never felt. It kept on growing - It's getting big. I may have to loosen my belt. That big hole was there no more. It was filled up with His light. The light of Jesus enveloped me And today it still shines bright. "Come to me and Sup with me. Let me cover your sin. Stay with me and with life I'll fill That Great Expanse Within."

YES, YOU CAN get Sober again after long term sobriety then a relapse of a few years. It starts with prayer and asking your HP for the help. I'm just another old fart in the rooms of AA, only this time as a newbie. Had 30 yrs but after I moved to Georgia from California I found my self with no meetings I could go to on a regular bases. Lack of Prayer and lack of meetings took me down to 2 yrs Dry then 5 yrs of drinking. Now I've started over and currently have 13 months sober with 30 yrs of recovery learning added in. ______________ Here, you can read the contents of one of my books, "You Are A Miracle". Has all of the Poems from this book, for Christians in Recovery.

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Who Answers?

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